What is a heart murmur?


A heart murmur is an unusual sound a doctor can hear through a stethoscope that indicates turbulent blood flow through the heart. Sometimes it means nothing – it’s just a quirk of that person’s body, which we call an ‘innocent’ murmur. Other times, a heart murmur can indicate a problem with the heart valves.
A normal heartbeat makes the classic ‘lub-dub’ sound when the heart valves close. A murmur sounds different because the valves are not opening or closing properly.
The most common cause of a heart murmur is a narrowed or leaky heart valve. If a doctor hears a suspicious heart murmur then the next step is an echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart). If the heart valves appear abnormal, referral to a cardiologist can be helpful for further assessment and developing a plan for treatment and follow up.
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