Regional cardiovascular health / telehealth consultations

For patients:

  • Do you have a significant heart problem?
  • Is it hard for you to travel to a larger town or city for appointments?

If the answer is yes, it may be time to consider a telehealth consultation (online video consultation) with a cardiologist. A telehealth review may save you travel time and costs, time off work and stress. It may also allow you to be seen at an earlier time, or more regularly for your condition.
All telehealth consultations provided by Connected Cardiology are bulk billed through Medicare.
Ask your GP if their practice can support telehealth, or call 1300 856 168 or email us to find out more.

For doctors

  • Do your patients currently face long waiting times to see a cardiologist?
  • Are there patients in your practice who are unwilling to travel, but could benefit from a specialist review for their cardiac condition and medications?
  • Do you need early advice about abnormal cardiac investigations and the potential need for further investigation and management?

Connected Cardiology can support you and your patients, locally, via telehealth. You can express interest in linking with our service by calling 1300 856 168 or emailing
You will need to provide a current referral, a 12 lead ECG and a recent set of observations (weight, heart rate, blood pressure). These can be documented in advance of the consultation, or taken by a practice nurse sitting in with the patient at the time of consultation. You are also welcome to sit in on consultations. Telehealth consultations are provided through the Coviu platform (link below). Skype consultations, though not preferred, can also be organised if necessary.

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  • What is telehealth?
    During a telehealth appointment, you will talk with a cardiologist over a video link (on a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone) or, if video link is unavailable, by telephone.
  • Am I eligible for a telehealth consultation?
    During the current coronavirus pandemic, additional Medicare item numbers have been created to allow patients living within metropolitan or regional areas to access telehealth consultations.
  • Which cardiac conditions are suitable for telehealth consultations?
    Telehealth consultations are often appropriate for chronic cardiac conditions such as:

    For patients with known or suspected heart failure, in person consultations are preferred for a first appointment, before potential follow up via telehealth consultation for increases in medicines or ongoing monitoring. Further in-person consultations are usually also needed periodically to ensure a detailed examination can be performed. These can often be alternated with online video consultations.

  • How could a cardiology telehealth consultation help me?
    A cardiology consultation delivered by telehealth may allow you earlier access than a standard in-person visit or may save you significant time and money in travelling to a larger centre or to Melbourne. It may be useful to guide and organise any cardiac tests that are needed within your local area before you see a specialist, cutting down the number of visits you need to make elsewhere. For simple issues such as discussing test results or receiving medication advice, it may be useful in guiding you and your GP in how to manage your condition in your own region, without needing to see a cardiologist in person.
  • Will it be any different from an in-person appointment?
    The detailed discussion of your symptoms, test results, condition and treatment is no different from an in-person consultation. A detailed examination cannot be performed by the cardiologist so any recent measurements of weight, blood pressure and heart rate are very helpful to discuss during your consultation. Please also have your medications or medication list nearby to discuss with the doctor. If a follow up, in-person appointment is necessary, this can be organised at a convenient location for you.
  • How can I check whether everything is ready for the consultation?
    You can perform a precall test to check your computer’s settings by clicking on the link

    This will ensure your microphone and webcam are working appropriately and that you are using the right browser.

  • How can I organise a telehealth consultation?
    You can request a consultation be organised through your local doctor. You will require a current referral from your GP or specialist. Appointments can be made to allow you to attend the consultation in the presence of a practice nurse and/or your GP, or from your home.