HeartBug monitor

What is HeartBug?

The HeartBug is a small long-term cardiac event monitoring device that is worn for up to 28 days. The device will constantly monitor your ECG (the electrical activity of your heart) and will automatically make recordings if any irregularities are detected. HeartBug also allows you to make manual recordings if you are symptomatic (eg. palpitations or dizziness). All recordings are automatically uploaded via your mobile phone and analysed by expert cardiologists. 

How do I set up HeartBug?

At Connected Cardiology, our team of experienced technicians will help set up HeartBug for you. All you need to do is bring your smartphone (Apple or Android) and our technician will install an app on your phone. For information on the app and other frequently asked questions, please click here.

How long should I wear it for?

You will be asked to wear HeartBug for up to 28 days, depending on what your cardiologist recommends. You can track the number of days left via the app on your smart phone. Once the HeartBug monitor has been attached, you should keep it on at all times, including when showering. You will also be provided with extra ECG stickers which will need to be changed periodically. For information on how the attach the HeartBug, please click here.

Click here to visit the HeartBug website.