Is it time for a heart health check?



Medicare now funds GPs to provide heart health checks. It’s a great opportunity to gain personalised advice on how to reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke. 

During the 20-minute check-up, GPs usually: 

  • Ask the patient about their medical history and lifestyle, including alcohol intake and smoking status
  • ️Check cholesterol and blood glucose (unless that’s already been done in the last year)
  • Measure blood pressure and weight.

Then the patient and GP can discuss ways to reduce cardiovascular risk such as:

  • ️Losing weight, being more active, reducing alcohol and stopping smoking
  • ️Starting medications to lower blood pressure, cholesterol or blood glucose
  • ️Having further tests or seeing other healthcare providers 

The Heart Foundation recommends a heart health check for anyone over 45 years of age, or Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people over 30 years. Could be time to call the GP! 


This article is for reference purposes only – it is not designed to be, nor should it be regarded, as professional medical advice. Please consult your own medical practitioner for health advice specific to your condition.