How should I measure my blood pressure at home?

How should I measure my blood pressure at home?


If you have a blood pressure monitor at home, it’s really important to be consistent in how you take your readings, to get an accurate picture of your blood pressure control.

Take your home blood pressure reading:

  • while seated with feet flat on floor, legs uncrossed with back and arm supported, cuff on bare upper arm and at heart level (with properly fitting cuff)
  • at around the same time in the morning and evening
  • after sitting quietly for 5 minutes (don’t take if feeling stressed or in pain)
  • before taking medications or exercise
  • before food and avoid caffeine/nicotine for 30 minutes beforehand

Take two measurements 1 minute apart and write down the results – it’s a good idea to keep a diary with measurements, date/time and how you were feeling at the time. Take this with you when you visit your GP or specialist.

You can develop your own blood pressure action plan at:
You can also check whether your home blood pressure monitor is validated here:

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